Medium Oak Console Table X Frame Style Legs - Funky Hairpins
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Medium Oak Console Table X Frame Style Legs

£109.99£162.99 inc. VAT


Beautiful narrow console table with our X Frame Style Legs

These table are suitable for any room especially hallways.

Delivery time: 7 / 10 days
As we are the manufacturer of the legs, our delivery times are much shorter than other sellers.

Product Dimensions:
Standard Sizes:
Legs: 71cm & 86cm high x 14cm & 20cm depth
Tops: 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm wide x 22cm depth

Please note the wood thickness is 3.8cm so please allow for this on top of the leg height

Additional Information
Top Size

100cm x 22cm, 120cm x 22cm, 80cm x 22cm, 90cm x 22cm

Leg Size

100cm x 20cm, 71cm x 14cm, 71cm x 20cm, 86cm x 14cm, 86cm x 20cm

Leg Colour

Bare Steel, Chrome, Copper, Gloss Black, Gloss Clear Coated, Gold, Graphite Grey, Matt Black, Matt Clear Coated, White