Moonlight Grey Console Table - Funky Hairpins
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Moonlight Grey Console Table

£109.99£157.99 inc. VAT


Beautiful narrow Moonlight Grey console table.

These table are suitable for any room especially hallways.

Delivery time: 7 / 10 days
As we are the manufacturer of the legs, our delivery times are much shorter than other sellers.

Product Dimensions:
Standard Sizes:
Legs: 71cm, 80cm & 86cm high x 14cm & 20cm depth
Tops: 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm wide x 22cm depth

Now also available with leg insets

Please note the wood thickness is 3.8cm so please allow for this on top of the leg height

Additional Information
Top Size

100cm x 22cm, 120cm x 22cm, 80cm x 22cm, 90cm x 22cm

Leg Size

71 x 20 With Insets, 71cm x 14cm, 71cm x 20cm, 80 x 20 With Insets, 80cm x 14cm, 80cm x 20cm, 86 x 20 With Insets, 86cm x 14cm, 86cm x 20cm

Leg Colour

Bare Steel, Chrome, Copper, Gloss Black, Gloss Clear Coated, Gold, Graphite Grey, Matt Black, Matt Clear Coated, Silver, White